What Can I do with My Summer?

By Li Stebner

Believe it or not, it is almost May. It seems that spring break, or continuation of winter break depending on if you judge vacations by the weather, has come and gone quicker than lab period when you have a free, but summer is coming upon us just as quickly. The question is “What will this summer entail?” Starting out summer without any plans can result in “summertime sadness,” or it could lead to days full of stress-free plans such as calling friends and hanging at the mall or pool. If you are tired of Beachwood Mall, did you know there are quite a few places to mix up that shopping spree? Instead of Forever Twenty-One, you could hit up the local thrift store. There are multiple ones in Mentor, or if you’d like one closer to home, Lyndhurst has Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet.

If you are feeling creative or brave, you can go vintage shopping by spending a day walking around the West Side Market area; there are multiple specialty shops there such as a small glass and handmade accessory place, vintage clothing store, and baseball bat shop. Moreover, with multiple “Best of Cleveland” cafés, you can’t go hungry. And if you bring along a reusable bag, you can grab some fresh meats and vegetables from the Market itself! If you are traveling to the West Side, why not hit up downtown Cleveland? There are shops outside of Tower City and, of course, inside as well. Why not broadcast your support of your very own city by purchasing a shirt at the Native Cleveland Store? There are concerts downtown too: Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Emblem three are all featured at Quicken Loans Arena this summer. If that is not good enough for you, or you want a larger variety of artists, why not attend Vans Warped Tour or Blossom this summer? You could also get back in touch with the beauty of nature after a 5-month winter and attend a star gazing night presented by the Cleveland Metroparks or go to the zoo. There are thousands of activities to go to in Cleveland: street fairs, art shows, and baseball games are plentiful and easily accessible.

If you want to go away this summer why not look at camps? You don’t have to go out of state. There are lots of options that range from just a fun week away living among others or an educational experience like the one offered in that poster hanging up in the Math Wing. Summer camp could always be traded out for summer school, and if you go to summer school at HB, you get a credit counted towards next year! You could also attend one of the many sports camps that Hathaway Brown offers. Never played lacrosse? Who cares! Summer is the perfect time to try out new things because who is around to judge?

So, although we have seemed to grow out of being able to simply make a lemonade stand and make a small profit of about five dollars every day, there are many options to occupy your time and make Summer of ’14 great!

Photo Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Downtown_Cleveland_Ohio_(44).jpg