Greatest Fear of Senior Year

By Madeleine Schroedel


We all know just how intimidating the seniors can be, but once we warm up to them, we realize how much scarier it would be if we were them. All of the juniors are looking forward to a great senior year as we rapidly approach the final level of high school. The highest level, however, is always the most challenging, so I asked my classmates what villainous hurdle they feared might knock them off their floating brick path and leave them plummeting back to Level One.

Here’s what they said:

  • “I’m scared that by the end of the college process everyone is going to hate everyone else. The competition will be insane and we won’t be able to look past that and be excited and happy for each other.”
  • “I’m afraid of being crushed to death by AP books.”
  • “That I won’t get into college.” (x5)
  • “Not getting into my first choice college…”
  •   “Do you know what your first choice is?” “No…”
  • “Being the oldest grade.”
  • “April 30th.”
  • “I’m afraid of leaving.”
  • “The college process.”
  • “Organizing time.”
  • “College and rejection and…I don’t want to leave.”
  • “Not taking advantage of my last year.”
  • “Getting deferred. Getting denied from every single place I apply.”
  • “Writing a thesis.”
  • “I won’t get into a good college and my family (specifically my grandma) will be ashamed of me.”
  • “It not being memorable.”

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