By Ava Shome

HB offers amazing and once in a lifetime opportunities through school trips to international countries. Some places that high school students visited during Spring Break 2014 include British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, France, and Italy. These trips allow students to experience different cultures, food, and scenery, learn things that they did not know before, and have a chance to be independent. It is important to travel to different places for all of these reasons, just to be educated about different places all around the world, and to have fun of course!

The British Virgin Island trip is a unique trip offered every two years to a select amount of students and they do many fun things. What makes this trip different is that you are living on a boat for a whole week! They experienced many interesting and awesome things when they snorkeled and swam with barracudas, learned to wind surf, and also learned lots about oceans and marine wildlife. The students that went on this trip also got to visit many places on the island such as a wrecked pirate ship called The Wreck of the Rhone, and the Baths of Virgin Gourda, here there were huge rocks, the size of houses, that they got to crawl through. Everyone on this trip enjoyed it and recommends it to others!

The trip to Paris, France was part of the exchange program, so HB students went to France and were hosted by the same girl that they hosted during the summer. Exchange trips are great because they allow you to see how people in other countries all over the world live on a more personal level, and if you are with someone who knows the city it will be more fun! These trips also provide an opportunity to get closer with girls in different grades from HB.

All international trips that HB offers are amazing experiences and there is always something to learn, while having fun!!

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