By Lexi Anderson

Mr. Joe Vogel is the head of Hathaway Brown’s Center for Global Citizenship. From the elections in India to International Relations thesis topics, Mr. Vogel knows it all. But what exactly does he do when he’s not handing out maps for Global Scholars to label and/or memorize? Is he taking selfies? Is he learning Beyoncé lyrics? This week I caught up with Mr. Vogel to see if he is as up to date with pop culture as he is with the crisis in Syria. 

Approximately how many selfies do you take a day?




So your snapchat score is probably zero also-


You need to get on that. 

[Laughs] I’m proud to be zero.

But you’re behind the trend!

You mentioned Mr. Parsons; how many selfies does he take a day?

I don’t know…

Okay, but I want to clarify. I take zero selfies a day, but I would say on average that I probably am in three or four selfies a week; the students take them with me.

So your added snapchat score – 

Yes it would go up a little bit because I know that I’m on some students’ snapchats.

Do you think you’d beat Parsons?

I think I would beat him.

Do you feel hipsters are actually mainstream?

Yes. They just think that they deviate from the mainstream.

Divergent or Hunger Games?



Umm…Because I haven’t seen either one and Divergent just sounded better.

Quiz: Beyoncé’s been A.) partying, B.) surfing, C.) drinking, or D.) watermelon?

Uh drinking.

Lil Wayne or 2Chainz?

Lil Wayne.


Because of the name! How could you not?

Quiz: Who says “She doesn’t even go here!” Is it A.) Scott Parsons, B.) Hallie Godshall, C.) Gabriella from High School Musical, D.) Damian from Mean Girls, or E.) an HB student?

I think it’s Hallie.


Mhmm. I’m wrong aren’t I?

It’s D, Damian.

Are you sure? How do you know that? You’ve never heard Hallie say that? I think Hallie has said that.

I think she has too. Well, okay, I’ll accept that answer. Who’d be more likely to win a twerking contest – you or Mr. Purpura?

I um…I have no idea because I don’t even know what that is.


I’m gonna pretend that I don’t know what that is. I…so I have no comment.

Final question: Scott Parsons has offered to teach a crunk dance class, would you take it.



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