By Sue Roy

On March 8th, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing, China. A normal flight suddenly turned into arguably one the biggest mysteries of the century as the flight disappeared an hour after takeoff. Now a month later, the flight is still missing and its story a worldwide enigma. Currently, the search continues off the coast of Perth, Australia in which nations around the world have given their support in the search.

The month-long search has resulted in many dead ends, including oil slicks found in the Gulf of Thailand near where air control lost contact with the plane. Other finds created suspicions that the plane flew to Kazakhstan, turned around back toward Malaysia, and flew into the Pacific Ocean. Presently, the search party has concentrated on the finds in the Indian Ocean, which included pings which could have come from the black box, a device which records everything that occurs in the plane.

As the weeks of frustration built up, many people wonder how a plane could disappear. This has caused an increasing number of conspiracy theories. Some have claimed the jet was a secret mission in which the jet disappears. Others have called it a terrorist attack or a suicide attempt by one of the pilots. While these theories may fill up air time at CNN or NBC, what the world really wants to know is why this plane hasn’t been found yet. Sure the Pacific Ocean is immense, but don’t we have technology to track it? Can’t we track the cell phones of the people on the plane? Surely, one must have left it on, perhaps the pilot? As the search continues for MH370, the mystery surrounding the plane continues to stump many around the world as they search for answers on what happened on March 8.



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