By Carly Wellener

It was an amazing sight to see. A buffet loaded with different and delicious foods from around the world winded through the dining hall fulfilling any enthusiastic eater’s dreams. If a buffet from your dreams doubled with several new and fun cultural experiences are what you think of as a good time, then I’m sorry to say you missed out if you didn’t attend this HB event last January. If you hadn’t guessed already from the title of the article or your amazing powers of deduction the event I am talking about is the Heritage Potluck Dinner.

The Heritage Dinner started back in the olden times of 2008 and originally was made to accompany TAAL. From then on the dinner came around every two years. That is until last year when it was decided it would become an annual event with its own mission other than backing up TAAL. That mission being to celebrate the cultural diversity of the students (and families) of HB in a casual and fun setting while also exposing students to aspects of other cultures they might not have been able to experience previously.

From its humble beginnings as TAAL’s delicious sidekick, it has grown into its own special event with performances from outside groups, crafts and games for all ages. So while many of you may have spent your Friday night on January 31st doing the same old Friday night routine you always do, some of us were brave enough to venture into the mysterious and unknown world of HB on a Friday night to attend the Potluck Dinner. Some even dared to venture there with their families.

This years Heritage Dinner was more than just a dinner. It involved so much more. There were several fun stations where you could get some delicious chai tea to sip while your fresh henna dried, or try candy from around the world while making a Chinese lantern for the new year or a dream catcher to protect you from those pesky bad dreams about failing exams, a station where you could make sushi (and eat it too), even a station where you could play dreidel while watching a traditional African dance by the Djapo Cultural Arts Center. Long story short, this year’s Heritage Dinner was really very fun and an all-together great experience. Future plans for the dinner are simply to make it better and better with more and more students participating each year, bringing with them their individual family heritage.

I had a great time at this year’s dinner and hope to see more people there next year. The Heritage Dinner was tons of fun and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone at HB even remotely interested in good food, entertainment and new experiences.


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