By Paige Papesch

As we sit in front of the TV, waiting for Hathaway Brown to join the list of schools closed due to the weather; some of us wonder, how does HB exactly decide to have a snow day? Do we just follow what ever Shaker Heights decides? This was proven false when they had a snow day a few weeks ago and we didn’t. Is the alleged rumor of the CCIS schools banning together and declaring snow days with each other true? Recently, this rumored seemed very true as the CCIS schools were the only schools that were open due to the heads of the CCIS schools all being in Philadelphia for a conference. Illuminati? I think so. 

I was able to email Mrs. Sadler about the confusion about how HB declares snow days and she cleared things up “Mr. Christ consults with the other CCIS directors and listens to the reports of Shaker schools, Cleveland Heights schools, Beachwood schools and the surrounding communities” she continues by saying that there is no rule that HB has to consult with the other CCIS schools, but they take into consideration siblings who attend different schools. 

The other rumor that I will address is the myth that we have to add days of school if we exceed 5 snow days. Because HB is a private school, and we attend school more hours than public school students, we have more flexibility to miss school. Mrs. Sadler commented on this rumor by saying, “Last year the Ohio legislature passed legislation allowing independent schools to account for their school days using hours.  We go seven hours a day where is the average public schools go six. We pick up almost an extra day a week. Therefore we don’t have to adhere to the 180 days that other schools do”.

Since this legislature passed, starting next school year, HB will count all of its school days by the hour. Therefore, school will start the week of August 25th rather than the week of August 19th.

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