Hathaway Banksy: Cool or Criminal?

By Madeleine Schroedel

Banksy, a secretive street artist who is wanted by the NYPD for vandalism, is well known for his thought-provoking and satirical graffiti all over the world.  Born and still living in the United Kingdom, he is also a film director, painter, and political activist. Banksy’s views are strongly conveyed in his graffiti.  His commentary is mostly “anti-war, anti-capitalist, and anti-establishment.” He even stencils slogans occasionally, a parallel found between him and the Banksys of Hathaway Brown School.

The Spanish room at HB has long been well known for its few desks that are covered in the impressive drawings of students.  The most famous desk was retired within the past year, but that hasn’t discouraged students from starting new collages on the matte surfaces of old desks.  One in particular sits at the front of the room for all to admire, filled with unique messages, cartoon-like drawings, and well-known logos.  These graphic logos, somewhat similar to Banksy’s work with slogans, are done by an unidentified freshman.  Many students consider the desk graffiti quite cool, but a question remains: is the artwork of both Banksy and HB students acceptable and noteworthy, or is it simply graffiti and vandalism that should not be tolerated?

Check out the photos of the desk art by HB’s own Banksy artists, as well as a few of Banksy’s pieces from around the world, to see what you think!

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