Green Cup Challenge Recap

By Lauren Battle

It’s that time of year again. That’s right. Green Cup Challenge time! I’m sure we all remember last years happenings- stumbling over stray backpacks in the eerily dark hallways and taking notes in light-less classrooms. We aggressively battled against Laurel to be the most green private all-girls institution in the northeast Ohio area. Although we sadly faced defeat against our enemy, this year we’re at it again, with a slightly less competitive outlook. I’m sure you all have noticed the weekly cold lunches to assist in our environmental festivities. Once a week, our lovely kitchen staff has provided us with entirely cold lunch options, all prepared without the help of any heated kitchen appliances. The goal of this is to lower our energy usage over the course of the challenge.  The new menu gives a “cool” twist to some of our everyday favorites, such as pizza and soup. “The strawberry soup was basically a smoothie in a bowl… and I like smoothies,” Faith Griggs weighs in. Overall, I’ve heard pretty positive things about the chilly creations. Dhiksha Balaji gives her view on the pizza, saying, “It was so good!” Seems like we’ve had a successful Green Cup Challenge!