By Alley Keresztesy

The big twenty-fourteen is here…has been for almost two months already. If you want to celebrate something new this year, click the link below, pick a day, and go crazy planning a day celebrating something fun like ‘Museum Comes to Life Day’ (June 24) or ‘National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day’ (November 12). Below aresome of my personal favorites that I can’t wait to celebrate this year!



January 4th- Trivia Day and Humiliation Day (these seem to go hand in hand0

January 21st- National Hugging Day

January 31st- National Popcorn Day and Child Labor Day (not sure how these go together?)


February 7th- Charles Dickens Day (I don’t have too many ‘Great Expectations’ for this one!)

February 23rd-  International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (so eat dog biscuits I guess?)

February 28th- Public Sleeping Day (bring out those blankets and footies!)


March 5th- Multiple Personalities Day (go crazy, if your new self wants to)

March 20th- Proposal Day and Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (guess we know when Joe’s going to pop the question!)

March 31st- Bunsen Burner Day (I wonder if Don knows about this?)


April 3rd- Tweed Day and Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day (but at HB, every day is a Fun Day)

April 17th- National Cheeseball Day


May 8th- No Socks Day and Have A Coke Day

May 30th- My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It Day (not sure this needs it’s own day to celebrate)


June 10th- National Yo-Yo Day

June 19th- World Sauntering Day (you know you got dat s w a g)

June 28th- Paul Bunyan Day (so chop down some trees or something)


July 10th- Clerihew Day (channel your inner Scottie P)

July 14th- National Nude Day (#scandalous)

July 28th- National Milk Chocolate Day (you don’t HAVE to share)


August 8th- Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

August 11th- Presidential Joke Day (aka the life of Kevin Purpura)

August 17th- National Thriftshop Day (what what. what. what.)


September 2nd- National Beheading Day (watch yourself)

September 19th- International Talk Like a Pirate Day (aaarrrggghhh)

September 27th- Crush a Can Day (then recycle it)


October 2nd- Name Your Car Day (Speedy? Vroomer? Rodney?)

October 11th- It’s My Party Day (and I’ll cry if I want to)

October 25th- Punk for a Day Day (break out that black eyeliner)


November 11th- Air Day (erryday is Air Day)

November 22nd- Start Your Own Country Day (if you’re going to rule the world, better start now)


December 4th- Wear Brown Shoes Day (and insta an artsy pic #wearbrownshoesday)

December 16th- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (TREAT YO SELF)

December 26th- National Whiners Day

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