By Sam Keum

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! From candle-lit dinners to cheezy Tumblr Valentine’s Day printouts, everybody has his or her own way of celebrating this holiday. While it is normal for all of you worry about what to get your peers or significant others this Friday, have any of you ever wondered what our faculty’s most memorable Valentine’s Day were?

“It’s a lovely idea to celebrate someone you love and all that great and good. I mean here are flowers hope you’re not pissed at me; here’s a card; love you too! Valentine’s Day is repulsive.

  • Ms. Godshall

“This year my Valentines treat is to spend the long-weekend in New York with my son, his pregnant wife, and several other members of my family, which is probably going to be my best Valentine’s Day ever.”

  • Ms. Gressel 

“I would say my favorite was last year! Not only did I get a surprise visitor at school, I celebrated with my colleagues and then was able to have a nice evening with family and friends! It was the best of all worlds and incorporated a lot of different important people in my life.”

  • Ms. Gordon 

“My best Valentine’s Day memory will hopefully be this coming Friday night, when I take my beautiful wife to dinner at Blue Point Grille.”

  • Mr. Morse 

“My favorite Valentine´s Day memory happened a few years after my husband and I were married. I was attending OSU in Columbus and we were experiencing an especially snowy winter, much like the one we are experiencing now. The night before Valentine’s Day (which fell on a Friday that year), he told me to pack for the weekend. He wouldn’t tell me what he had planned, saying it was all a surprise. He picked me up at school after my classes and we drove east to the town of Granville. Granville, a very picturesque and quaint small town, is home to Denison College and several beautiful Inns. My husband surprised me with a weekend stay at the Granville Inn. Not only was it very romantic, but it was also a wonderful mini-vacation.”

  • Sra. Butcher 

 “Perhaps the most memorable of all came in the wake of 9/11. I lived at a boarding school outside of DC. In the same year that we experienced that tragedy, we were also the epicenter for the anthrax killings (at a post-office nearby) and the DC sniper who killed ten people (by far the scariest event for those in the vicinity;) the only child hit was shot three miles up the road from our school while waiting for his bus. All of the local schools were on code blue (no one could go in or out after the bell rang in the morning; no sports, no playing outside, etc.) From this distance it’s almost impossible to describe the levels of fright, tension, and constant anxiety. I thought I was handling it well until my son’s school sent home a flier about what would happen if there was a chemical attack on the school. The most confounding point (none of us could quite believe it) is that parents wouldn’t be allowed to get in to get their children until a certain number of days passed. For some reason this really hit me hard and I decided to splurge on an all-out Valentine’s Day. I made a five course meal, splurged on champagne and gourmet chocolate and filled the house with flowers. It worked like the charm I had hoped; somehow that season of fear lifted and we eased back into our lives.”

  • Mrs. Mueller 

“I don’t have any specific stories, but I’m sure my wife would report that every day is like Valentine’s Day in our relationship.”

  • Mr. Kollin 

“We are going to have a romantic weekend in Pittsburgh (without kids) this year. We are going to some super popular brunch spot that you can’t get into but by some fluke chance we got into. Then we are going to take a nap (highlight of my day), and later go to jazz club late at night. And I guess because it’s Valentine’s Day we are going to be getting some fancy chocolate and Champagne. And we are going to the Any Warhol Museum too. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or people telling me to celebrate it.”

  • Mr. Parsons 

“Once you are married you don’t really do things on Valentine’s Day. It’s more for the single people. Usually though I buy my wife a super expensive flower arrangement to celebrate. One year I bought her an arrangement and she let me to go to California and surf with my buddies.”

  • Mr. Ciuni 
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