By Emma Bryan

Well, I guess it’s that time of year again.  The time when we’re overwhelmingly bombarded with red and pink candy-stocked shelves at CVS, tweets from outspoken teenagers about being “so lucky to have bae,” and commercials advertising romantic gifts for a significant other, thus reminding us common plebeians that we’re alone and don’t have love.  I remember Valentine’s Days when instead of having dates, I would sit at home sobbing into a box of heart shaped chocolates while watching rom coms.  Stereotypical?  Most definitely.  Was it really necessary?  Most definitely not.

There are so many better ways to spend Valentine’s Day than just doing nothing if you don’t have a significant other, so I’ve compiled a list of possible activities to do to get out there and have fun instead of eating your weight in Ben and Jerry’s and hating the world.

  1. Call up some friends!  Just because you don’t have a romantic interest doesn’t mean you’re exiled from going out on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Go out to dinner and make fun of the awkward looking couples as opposed to watching perfect fake couples in rom coms and feeling badly about yourself.
  3. Watch a rom com at a movie theater and cry into your extra-large popcorn with your mom, sibling, or whoever else you decide to be sad with. You don’t have to be sad alone!
  4. Or you don’t have to be sad at all.  Go to a party!  There are so many people who don’t have significant others either, so you can all get together, rage, and enjoy each other’s single-ness.
  5. Catch up on APUSH.  Seriously, you’ve been putting it off for like a month.
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