When Do HB Girls Begin Stressing About Colleges?

By Reilly Doak

(Yes, we realize athletes are a different story)

As those of you who answered the survey know, I took a poll of when HB students began researching colleges, specific to recruitment or non-recruitment. Many of the results occurred as expected, 32.99% which was the highest percentage of the vote, were people not intending to be recruited to play a collegiate sport who began researching their junior year. This makes complete sense since this is when Junior Forum begins and when you begin to really be encouraged to explore your options of colleges and figure out what kind of school you’d like to go to.

Of those not intending to play a sport, about 60% began their college research as underclassmen. I believe this speaks volumes about the high importance placed not only on academics in high school at HB, but also education for the rest of your life. Everything around HB always seems to be about college, whether it’s the college board decorated at the end of the year, the board noting the colleges attended by HB alums for the past few years, our very own college office at the end of the math hallway, newspaper articles about girls earning perfect scores on standardized tests… and the list doesn’t even stop there.

As for those planning to be recruited, junior year was also the most common year for the commencement of research. Junior Forum could also explain this phenomenon; however, what’s interesting about this is that the larger division 1 schools, such as Big 10, tend to recruit by the end of the recruiting class’s sophomore year (depending on the sport).  The reason I believe this is the case is that the schools HB girls are looking to attend require test scores prior to being truly recruited. This is the case in particular for exceptional academic D3 schools as well as the Ivies. It again reiterates the importance the Hathaway Brown community places on academics.

All of these statistics considered, it’s extremely impressive the amount of college awareness HB promotes. Even though it’s easy enough to call freshman crazy for already looking at college, I think that the ambition of everyone here is exemplary and can’t be matched by anyone else. Especially considering our school’s size, we have a comparatively large number of athletes who are actually recruited, or even those who continue to play club sports throughout their college careers. Our commitment to both academic and athletic excellence is apparent in everything we do and isn’t only measured by what college we get into.

Below are the survey results: