HB Takes India

By Lulu Sun

Our global scholars have recently returned from their India trip, and have brought back stories of their experiences. The favorite part for many of them was visiting Dharamasala, located in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There, our illustrious scholars spent three nights with their home stay family. These families opened our classmates’ eyes to a new culture—including their third eyes! The families taught the scholars about Buddhism, meditation, happiness, and putting others before ourselves—just to start!

Another part of the trip that kept our scholars on their toes was the traveling. The drive from the Golden Temple up through the mountains, for example, was aptly described “like a tilt a whirl” by Haley, but also featured some breathtaking scenery and sights—including a monkey on a building! Another memorable moment was when a train was delayed for four hours and a local girl went up to the travelers asking for money. When she came up to one of their guides, the guide tickled the girl’s back, and got her to smile. Later, they gave her two balloons and joined them on the platform, running around with them. Haley later recalls, “I got to see her as a little kid and not as a beggar.”

Among the many things that our travelers did not expect, one was the weather in Dharamsala. Although the weather in most of the cities visited was nice, temperatures in Dharamsala would drop so low that many layers of clothing were required to keep warm. This was certainly not what our travelers were expecting! Fortunately, the weather in the foothills of the Himalayas became tolerable under the warm afternoon sun.

The girls brought back many new discoveries and skills from this trip. Luisa learned to make momos, which are similar to pot stickers, with Amelia and their home stay family; these quickly became her favorite food. They learned about the importance of kindness and generosity and what matters the most in life. The trip was certainly a valuable experience for all of our wonderful scholars.