By Fallon Gallagher

January 28, President Obama gave the annual State of the Union address to Congress and Americans at home. However, if you missed it, don’t feel too badly—only about 33 million Americans actually watched; this is the lowest ratings since President Bill Clinton’s 2000 address. For those of you who missed it, this essentially sums it up:


In an interview with CNN, Vice President Joe Biden said he sees “no obvious reason” not to run in 2016. Looks like we’ll be seeing that Jack Nicholson grin for at least a few more years. The speech was relatively vanilla as a whole and the Republican response was given by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a female representative mother. Crafty move, Republicans.  

This past Sunday, we lost one of the greatest actors of this generation. Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his West Village apartment with a heroin needle still in his arm. He had over 50 full bags of heroin sitting around in his apartment. Hoffman won the Academy Award for best actor in 2006 for Capote. His performance was truly incredible; it blows my mind the way he could transition from a gruff political campaign director in The Ides of March to the original sass master Truman Capote. Hopefully his tragic death will help to raise awareness for the gross heroin problem in this country. The New York Times reported, in an Op-Ed, that Heroin-related deaths have increased 84% from 2010-2012. This number is appalling and these deaths can certainly be prevented.  

The other day, a middle school girl’s iPhone spontaneously caught fire in her pants pocket bringing a whole new meaning to ‘first world problems.’ HB girls better watch out otherwise flames could extemporaneously engulf the Hath and the only buzzing during the fire escape will not be coming from the mass of iPhones but rather emanating from the swarms of bees who call North Park home sweet home.

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games have begun, but before the opening ceremonies even occurred, the hashtag “#sochiproblems” had become one of the top global trending topics on Twitter. The Olympic village is still completely under construction: some showers are not connected to a water supply, tap water is essentially unavailable and when it is actually available it has a hue that resembles a urine sample, toilet seats are assembled in a reverse order with the cover seat perched under the ring seat, and the toilets do not have stalls but rather are seated across from a nice row of chairs… y’know, so you can multitask and continue that important conversation about that stray dog you found sitting on your hotel bed. On top of all of that, the fifth Olympic ring did not illuminate properly during the opening ceremonies. And you’re telling me that this cost $51 billion? What next? Are the athletes’ medals secretly just chocolate coins wrapped in gold, silver, and bronze foil? 

For Biweely Update, I’m Fallon Gallagher. 


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