By Alley Keresztesy

Nearly every HB student has been to the Brown Bag. Thousands of dollars are spent there every year by students, parents, and staff. Last year alone, $133,000 was spent. However, only $50,000 of that was given back to the school as a profit. Not surprisingly, most of the dough is made from snack/drink and clothing sales, made up by mainly Upper School students during the day and Middle School students after school and before sports practices. Typically, students will just charge their expenses to their account, which is then paid each month by parents. Mrs. Kennedy, co-coordinator of the Brown Bag, says that it’s a better profit when students charge to their accounts or pay in cash, because when paying with a credit card, the Brown Bag is taxed by the credit card companies. Mrs. Kennedy commented that day to day, snack cards and sweatshirts are most commonly charged, but the back to school sale brings in most revenue for clothing and uniform sales. Noticeably, the Brown Bag’s website looks different this year, displaying little more than prime and middle school uniforms and Legacy Day shirts. Mrs. Kennedy mentioned that, “All the parents working at the Brown Bag are volunteers. It’s difficult to find someone dedicated to keeping the website updated every time a new product comes in.” Based on a random set of data from November 5, twenty snack cards were issued, five articles of clothing were purchased, one hundred and fourteen and a half snacks were munched on, four items were gifted, and one middle school uniform item was bought. All of this cost $577, with HB benefitting from 80.73% of the total sales. Find this shocking? Even more surprising is the data set from the three days of school we had right after winter break. In these three days, over $1,700 dollars were spent at the Brown Bag. Most of the money was apparently spent on forty seven snack cards, eighteen articles of clothing, and three hundred and forty-two snacks. Keep in mind, the snack tally only counts for those purchased WITHOUT a snack card. It’s crazy to realize how much is really being spent every day by members of the HB community!

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