By Paige Papesch

Maybe it’s because we don’t have uniforms, maybe it’s because we are a nondenominational school, or maybe it’s because there are no boys- but the teachers at HB treat us differently than any other school treats their students. As a transfer student, I found myself needing to adjust to the informal student-teacher interaction. This informal relationship surprised me and I interpreted it as disrespectful and rude since my previous catholic education taught me to treat my teachers in a strictly professional manner. As the year went on, I noticed that I was learning more in a shorter amount of time, and was actually happy.

This casual relationship has proven to become quite convenient over the years. Because of the personal relationships I have with my teachers, I know that they really care about me. I can go to them with any problem and know they will work with me to create a solution. Amanda Brady, a fellow transfer agrees that HB teachers are unusually casual with their students “The school I was at before–the teachers were not casual. I like the teachers being casual. Like Jmo is cool, and Kevin bullies me, but I bully him back so it’s okay”. Ashley Sims, a junior that transferred to HB from Solon compares the two schools she has attended “The teachers are way more strict at Solon–you had no freedom. I like it here better”. Its ironic that we are able to have this casual relationship with our teachers in a relaxed environment when we take our school work so seriously. The freedom and responsibility that the teachers give us inspires us to create high quality work to make our teachers proud of us. What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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