The Most Stressful Time of the Year

By Ava Shome

One of the most stressful times of the year comes right before winter break: midterms! You spend so much time studying and learning all of the material at the beginning of year and then you need to refresh your memory and get ready for the 2 hour exam that tests everything that you learned during the first half of the year. Before each midterm, HB gets very chaotic, with high schoolers running around trying to find a pencil or an eraser, or looking for their math teacher so they can return test folders! Midterms can be overwhelming, especially for freshmen, so it may be helpful to give out some tips for next years freshmen and anyone who needs them. If you are happy with your midterm grades, then you know what works for you and what you can do to succeed, but if you feel as if you could have done better, then here are some tips.

1. Gather all of your tests, quizzes, and worksheets from the beginning of the year, and look over them and make sure you understand and remember everything that you have learned.

2. Once you gather all of your tests and you look over them, make a list of things you do not understand. Look back in your notes and find anything related to the topic and re read them and try to understand them. Then take the list to a friend or your teacher and ask them to remind you about this topic if you still need help.

3. Begin to review your notes early and don’t put off studying! Get together with your friends to study so you can make it more fun.

4. Get some sleep the before your midterms so you are fresh and ready to go in the morning. You also need to eat breakfast (I know how hard it is to make time for breakfast at 6 in the morning) but it is important so that during the test you can focus instead of paying attention to your growling stomach!

5. Relax. Do not go crazy before your test. You will be fine for midterms and finals if you are prepared and well rested!