The Lineup: Playwriting Festival 2014

By Sunny Roy

February 21st & 22nd

This year’s student produced playwriting festival features short plays that range from dramatic transformations to hilarious skits. The five plays this year, completely written, directed, and acted by students, showcase HB talent as well as that of boys from other schools. In previous years, the playwriting festival has been a hit, and this year can be expected to be no different. A whole list of actors, directors, and writers are included below. Please come out to support these incredible shows! (Also, Parsons is in one of the plays which is enough of an incentive to come.)

Baggage Claim: Written by Caroline Jobson and Directed by Zoe Guy.

Cast features: Spencer Furlich (Benedictine ‘17), Chandler Koon (University School ‘15), Ling Ling Ma, Rosalie Phillips, and Janavi Goldblum.

Death by Fortune Cookies: Written by Tessa Murthy and Directed by Morgan Austin.

Cast features: Jeff Holland (University School ‘15), Hale Douthit (University School ‘14), Kavya Menon, Haley Yahraus, and Emily Spencer.

When Worlds Collide: Written by Jamie Spain and Lauren Battle and Directed by Danielle Scharf.

Cast Features: Kerry Gnandt, Nathan Krebs (University School ‘15), Jenna Bird, John Stringer (University School ‘14), Talia Bhaiji, Erick Madis (Hudson ‘15), Yasemin Cobanolgu, and Madeleine Schroedel

Phobias: Written by Isabella Nilsson and Directed by Aubrey Cornwell.

Cast Features: Maaryah Malik, Laura Mueller, Scott Parsons, Gabby Valdivieso, Becca Lambright, Amanda Merritt, Sam Keum, and Jack Maicks (University School ‘17)

Lessons Learned: Written by Grace Li and Directed by Lizzie Poulos and Kaelyn Dixon.

Cast Features: Sunny Roy, Kat Phifer, Christopher Vinci (University School ‘14), Jamie Spain, Aarathi Sahadevan. and Emily Imka.