Hopes for Second Semester

By Regan Brady

Now that the first semester has finally drawn to a close, everyone is eager to start the second one off on the right foot. First semester was a time for everyone to learn and try new things, and second semester is a time to both implement new strategies and also to put an end to bad habits that were picked up along the way. Here are some HB students’ second semester hopes:

“Not to procrastinate my Biology studying until the class before the test”

“Even though I don’t get to see my friends a lot during the day, I hope I will be able to make more time to see them both in and out of school.”

“Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night”

“Eat breakfast every day”

“Plan the best senior prank ever!”

“Learn how to karate pencils with my pinky like Mr. Adler”

“Watch less Netflix”

“Cut back on monthly Starbucks costs”

“Try not to go to the brown bag more then once a day”

“Get into the college of my dreams”

“Get 400 followers on twitter”

“Figure out how to set up my computer with the printer in the library.”