Hot Buzz – Sleep Cycle

Hot Buzz – Sleep Cycle

By Fallon Gallagher

While many people are terrified to sleep with their phones in close proximity to their bedside due to the threat of radiation poisoning, I find myself curling up next to my phone every night—and feeling healthier the following morning because of it. I’m talking about the hottest “Sleep Cycle” app, which monitors REM sleep and has recently been critically acclaimed by publications such as The New York Times.
HB students are notorious for staying up late and never quite getting the recommended hours of sleep, but with this app they don’t have to roll up to the Hath feeling groggy the following morning. Although this app won’t wave a magic wand over you and send you into a sudden slumber, it will track your approximately 90 minute sleep cycles. By doing this, the app will wake you while you are in the lightest possible sleep. Using the app is as simple as placing your phone face down on your mattress, setting your alarm, and falling asleep. The app will wake you up sometime within a 20-30 minute interval; for example, I try to wake up around 5:45 A.M., so I set my alarm to wake me up between 5:35 and 5:55. When I do wake up, I am infinitely happier than when I set my iPhone alarm to 5:45 on the dot and am abruptly forced out of a potentially deep sleep.
In the morning, you will be greeted by a graph of the previous night’s sleep, as well as quick statistics such as time in bed and sleep quality. There is also a notes option, where you can see whether that Starbucks skinny vanilla latte or hot yoga session actually affected your sleep.
This app seriously rocks. I mean how cool is it that I can get a less than ideal amount of sleep, but still have a sleep quality in the B+ range? This is a must buy app and for only $0.99 in the app store—talk about a bargain! And if that is not incentive enough, classic HB girls can always play the sleep quality game; challenge yourself to try to increase your nightly sleep quality—every percentage point counts.