Decipher Your Dreams

By Madeleine Schroedel

A dream is a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that occur during sleep.

Dreaming is something we do every night, whether we are aware of it or not. It is a time when the mind is opened up and emotions are exposed and expressed. No one, however, knows why people dream. I researched some common themes or ideas that appear in dreams and discovered their significance. I found that your dream almost always relates to something occurring in your life, or a past experience you often dwell on, so it is important to decode the clues that your mind is trying to send you; dream patterns are unique for each individual, so search the table below to find your message or go to the websites listed for further information!

Here are a few FUN FACTS about dreams:

  • Dreams usually center around feelings as opposed to actual situations that have occurred in your life.
  • You never see a face that you haven’t seen before, even if you think you don’t recognize the person.
  • Almost everyone has had one dream in which they were flying.
  • You have several 5-20 minute dreams each night.
  • You will spend about six years of your life dreaming.
  • Anxiety is the most common emotion in dreams.
  • Babies dream, too.
  • While dreaming, you are paralyzed.
  • Only 80% of all dreams are in color.
  • A recurring dream that women have often is one in which they are being chased.
  • Lucid dreaming is dreaming with the awareness that you’re dreaming. (

You can have better more pleasant dreams by:

  • Sleeping earlier
  • Controlling what you eat (avoid eating late or having caffeine)
  • Exercising regularly
  • Keeping a low stress level
  • Keeping roses in your room (the scent induces peaceful dreams)

MOST COMMON dreams include:

  • Falling
  • Your teeth are falling out
  • Being chased
  • Being naked in public
  • Taking a test
  • Flying
  • Running, but not being able to move
DREAM THEME(or thing that appeared/occurred in dream) MEANING(what you’re feeling)
Teeth falling out, or a focus your mouth Be careful what you say/have said.  Feeling guilty about not telling the truth, or saying something hurtful?
Being chased You’re avoiding some sort of confrontation or issue, or scared something from your past will come back
In school You’re worried about deadlines or your position at school/work.  You may also be feeling inadequate or unprepared.
Death Symbolizes the end of something in your life.
Animals Symbolizes instincts and desires in your life (birds specifically point to goals, balance, or happiness)
House Represents the Self (attic = mind, basement = subconscious)
The color black Mystery, unknown, death, or hate
The color red Energy (or lack therein), passion, courage
Flying Freedom and lightness, a good mood, on top of your work
Garden Shows what you are doing with your abilities, possibilities, and opportunities
The color yellow Lightness or hopefulness OR caution, cowardliness, or jealousy
Cars Ambition and drive to succeed
Rain Light rain = Emotions and release from feelings or thoughtsThunderstorm = drenched in feelings, difficulty in life
Sand Represents time or something worn.  Also can symbolize small irritations
Falling You are feeling anxious and insecure, or feel you have failed