Creature Feature: Ms. Geaghan and Oscar

By Sam Keum


 Ms. Geaghan and Oscar have been the best of pals for the past thirteen and a half years – ever since she found him as a kitten mewing in a garbage can the summer before her senior year of college (2000). Noticing the pains of writing a 150-page college thesis in an unheated apartment attic, Oscar would often snuggle under Ms. Geaghan’s sweatshirt to keep her warm and purr words of encouragement. Other times, Oscar, as a tiny kitten, would get stuck in Ms. Geaghan’s hair. (Unbeknownst to Ms. Geaghan, Oscar enjoyed nestling into Ms. Geaghan’s hair to take his daily cat-naps). As Oscar matured from his kitten days, he grew into a very interesting fellow; he can be most accurately described as the cat version of Clint Eastwood. This cranky little man likes to show his authority by sitting on his porch and yelling at the kids to “get off [his] lawn!”, as well as chasing and hissing at his own tail. However, Oscar does have his soft spots. In his spare time he enjoys talking to birds, playing with his catnip toys, sitting in the sunlight and eating turkey. Some of the things Ms. Geaghan and Oscar enjoy are sniffing the first spring air, naps, the color gray, blankets, snuggling, eating Thanksgiving dinner, puddles of sunlight, and stretching.