Stages of Dealing with College Deferral (and rejection in general)

By Amanda Keresztesy

1. So you’ve found an amazing place that you’re in love with

2. You might even be a little obsessed

3. You work really hard on the application, the essays, the supplements

4. You listen to to the counselors’ advice

5. And you work in the writing center with this guy until your writing is perfection

6.. You wait and wait (and wait) until it’s time to hear back with a decision

7. And suddenly you see an email in your inbox!

8. You stare at it

9. You click on it

10.  Excuse me…what?

10. Your gut reaction is to do this

11. And maybe a little bit of this will help

12. But rejection hurts


13. And you feel like

14. But guess what

15. They’re the ones missing out


16. You are still amazing

17. So pull yourself together

18. Because you will find a place that makes you feel like this

19. And you’ll forget about that other place anyway

20. Because everything will work out how it’s supposed to and it’s all going to be ok 🙂