Pressure and Stress: How to Deal

By Ava Shome

Every HB high schooler has experienced stress. When most students have the frantic schedule of 5 tests and 3 quizzes in one day and a paper due the next, when is there time for a social life?! Most girls are coming home late from a sport and then rushing to eat dinner, finish homework, study for a final exam, shower, watch their favorite TV show, and get enough sleep to be prepared for the next day. It seems impossible to finish your work and still be able to get enough sleep, but it is possible! A couple of ways to deal with your stress:

1. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. If a teacher gives you an assignment a week before it is due, make a schedule and work on it each night so you are not stuck doing it at 1 am the night before it’s due.

2. It is also important to review your notes and homework several nights before the test. If you look over your notes for 15 minutes each night, you will be more prepared for the test, and you won’t have to cram in studying after your big lacrosse game.

3. Get ahead on your homework, if you know it is going to be a hard week. Work ahead and get some homework and studying done the weekend before, so during the week you have time to sleep!

4. If you are having a busy week, talk to your teacher. They can help you if you are having trouble with an assignment or they may even be able to give you an extension on your homework. It doesn’t hurt to let them know how stressed you are!

5. If all of these tips fail, and you are stressed out, just go to bed or take a nap. It’s hard to avoid stress completely, but hopefully you can manage some of it by working ahead, and not saving all of your work for the night before it is due!