Chronicles of HB Community Garden Part 2

By Community Garden

I recently overheard the conversation between two girls complaining about the many stressful factors in their lives currently including finals, finding the right dress for IEDO, and the possibility of not having a white Christmas. I wanted to tell them “It could be worse”, but unfortunately, being a garden, I cannot speak. I realized that I have apparently been lucky and never had to deal with these stressful situations. I am naturally very giving, whether I give in the form of cucumber crops in the dining hall or advice. As I am currently covered in snow, I do not think I will be doling out vegetables anytime soon (although I may have a spinach crop sometime this winter…stay tuned). My mostly dormant winter state, however, has allowed me to listen carefully to conversations of people around me (they call me gossip garden for a reason). I feel sad when I hear HB girls discussing being stressed, so I just want you to keep one thing in mind over the next few weeks: If I can grow a radish as big as a freshman, you can make it to winter break! 

 You know you love me…. XOXO Gossip Garden