Behind the Scenes: Antigone

By Brady Furlich

The whispering of forgotten lines and voices asking for eye shadow fill the air of the Black Box as the actors of Antigone prepare for their opening night. Members of the stage crew scurry throughout the Black Box and Atrium, triple-checking microphones and sweeping the stage for rogue actors. Welcome to the back-stage of Antigone, recently performed by students from HB, US, and Heights High. For those of you who missed the two performances in mid-November, this tragedy tells the story of Creon, who punishes his niece Antigone for burying her brother. He,in turn, is punished by the gods for his actions, affecting his family and future. Laura Mueller (’15) performed powerfully as Creon, with junior Aubrey Cornwell dramatically playing the part of Antigone. Freshmen Hannah Selhorst and Hanna Keyerleber headed the stage crew in their debut as stage managers. The seniors from HB involved in their last fall production of their high school career included Zoe Guy, Sarah Dierker, Lauren Dierker, Grace Phillips, and Katie Selhorst. These seniors’ contributions were indispensable, as was their company during tech week! Junior Becca Lambright put it most clearly: “My experience with Antigone was wonderful.” The week of tech was full of food, fun, and forgotten lines, but as many on the cast and crew said, it was definitely worth it.