Around HB: “What are you thankful for?”

By Sunny Roy

With Thanksgiving just having past and almost another year coming to an end, the HB community took the opportunity to step back and reflect. Students and teachers told me all the things they are very thankful for!

Don Southard: “I am thankful for a loving and beautiful wife, special children, a career that feeds my soul and nourishes my brain, and good health.”

Oriana Cruz, 9th Grade: “This Thanksgiving I would say I am thankful to have a safe, warm place to call my home. The typhoon that hit the Philippines definitely made me realize how fortunate we are to have a place to go to school and a place to go to sleep at night.”

Christine Coyne, 9th Grade: “I am thankful for the education I receive at HB. I am thankful for the sushi they serve at lunch. I am thankful for the experiences and opportunities I have received living in the city of Cleveland. I am thankful for my mother who puts up with my late night meltdowns.”

Scott Parsons: “I guess I’m thankful that I feel more like a seventeen year old girl than I did when I was a seventeen year old girl. Er, wait. I never was a seventeen-year-old girl. Never mind.”

Scott Parsons (again): “I am abundantly thankful to be a part of the HB community. Truly every day during class, at some point I look around the room and think, ‘Wow – who gets to work with students this amazing?’ And all day long groups of fun and sharp and vibrant students come into the writing center to conference with me or write or study biology and put mysterious and esoteric charts on the board (which, just being around those charts and terminology makes me feel smarter, incidentally; I mean for instance I was blessed to receive this in an email recently: ‘d2p3 hybridization and organic molecules with like 45 carbons and names that sounded like Martian sonnets’. ‘Nuff said, you know?) or watch Ron Swanson compilation videos or just be weird. Then usually my evenings end with, say, emails that contain an oddly entertaining .gif or a picture of a Cheez-It person made out of a wheel of cheese. And have you eaten Zhou’s cookies? I have. Often. And they are amazing. (If you sit around looking sad and hungry, the nice and kind people here will often feed you. I am ever so thankful for that.) Everyone is nice to me. Even a student who keeps me at all times between number 1 and 7 on her list of top enemies is still nice to me and recently solved for me the puzzling mystery of the Anonymous Hippo. I’m still relieved. And, yes, thankful.”

Michael Cuini: “I’m thankful this year for my family. I am thankful this year for being in this great academic environment full of intellectually serious students and dynamic faculty. Also, Sushi Wednesday is pretty neat, too.”

Katie McCarthy, 10th Grade: “I am thankful for my family and friends, my school (which includes teachers and students as well), Thanksgiving break, and all the opportunities I am given in my life. I go to Florida for Thanksgiving so I’m always thankful to be there. :)”

Jenna Gordon: “I am thankful for so much … my family, my friends, HB, and the gift of a new adventure each day.”