How the Typical HB Girl Manages her Homework Load

By Kavya Ravichandran

Ride home: The hunger is unbearable. Why do we have to have school until 3:17? Why not 3:00? Even 3:15? Today is an exception in that I can go straight home – usually, I have sports, debate, or SREP galore! I relish this chance to eat a dinner-sized snack early.

Post-snack: I decide that since I’ve had a long and tiring day, I can afford to take 30 minutes to watch just one episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Five hours and 10 episodes later: Maybe I should start my homework. After all, the time is … it’s what?! Alright, I’m off.

Homework Strategy (A): Do the long homework first and don’t touch electronics unless absolutely necessary. Right as I open up my math textbook, my friend texts me. Alright, this can be an exception. I haven’t talked to her in forever! The last time we talked was… 10 minutes ago while I was watching How I Met Your Mother. I respond to her and vow that I will only check my Twitter once… but she responds again. We engage in conversation (a girl’s got to get her social outlet for the day), but don’t worry, it only lasts for about…a half-hour?! Luckily, we talked about math in the course of our conversation, so my homework should go by quickly. Alright, fine, I confess, we didn’t actually talk about math; we only talked about how much homework we get in math class. Okay, it’s really time to get my nose down to the grindstone. I get a few problems done! Whew, that was some hard work!

One Hour Break: I check my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – that’s all! And it’s been another hour?! It’s time to do history homework. I open up my laptop and my notes template. I decide to close all windows open in the background, so that I won’t get distracted. Hey, I left a Netflix window open earlier… I wonder what I was watching…

One hour later: Oh, wow! It’s far too late… Looks like I’ll have to use Homework Strategy (B): go to sleep, get up at two o’clock and finish everything really fast.

And thus is completed the homework of a typical HB Girl.