Bi-Weekly Update with Fallon Gallagher

By Fallon Gallagher

This past week, President Obama awarded sixteen influential Americans with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This honor was the brainchild of former President John F. Kennedy; he established this award, but was assassinated just two weeks before he was set to honor the inaugural recipients. This year’s award was given to many accomplished Americans, to whom Obama stated, “today we salute fierce competitors who became true champions.” Among the recipients was Obama’s Democratic predecessor, former president Bill Clinton, the first female astronaut to travel to space Sally Ride, founder of Ms. magazine and noted feminist Gloria Steinem, TV personality and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, former Chicago Cubs baseball player Ernie Banks—and none for Gretchen Wieners. 

Obamacare—still a major dilemma. In other news, the woman face of claims she is being cyber bullied. He face has mysteriously disappeared and been replaced by a friendly-looking graphic that is not quite as upbeat as the new design of iOS 7. 

Anthropologists have made a surprising discovery of a 24,000-year-old body in eastern Siberia. Sure, it’s thrilling to find the genome of a young freckled boy from the Ice Age, but that isn’t the interesting fact. The boy’s DNA shows a mixed ancestry of European and American Indian descent. Which year did Columbus sail the seven seas? 1492. It appears that that October day reserved to venerate our Spanish founding father, and even Leif Ericson day, which is often celebrated by anti-establishment hipsters, is all just a cruel joke. Apparently, someone reached America first; otherwise this delightful boy in question would not exist. 

The New York Times ran an article this week observing the recent trend in fashionable sports uniforms. The article claims “in recent years locker rooms have become more like Hollywood wardrobes, crammed with multiple uniform options in a riot of color and fabrics.” Athletes are supposedly more concerned about their fashion faux-pas on the field than their actual plays. Now I play tennis, which my brother claims is “not a real sport”, so I’m no expert, but aren’t sports supposed to be about the actual game? Next thing we know, Kobe will be replacing T-Swift on the Victoria’s Secret runway, with his arm linked around one of the angels. 

For Biweekly Update, I’m Fallon Gallagher.