By Catherine Mullen

Have you ever wondered how you can listen to the Bravuras sing besides their concert? There is hope for you as the Bravuras are considering making a CD. Although there are many logistics surrounding the idea of a CD, it remains a promising goal for the members of our stellar singing group.

Janavi Goldblum (’15), who is a section leader and a two-year member of the Bravuras, states that they want to do a CD of Bravuras standards. This would mean that there are lots of traditional “Bravs songs” that they would want to record and compile  to market and showcase their extremely talented group. It would be a great way for the community within and without HB to be able to hear a  display of  their hard work and hopefully gain some appreciation as well. This CD would be a great way for alumnae to also be able to experience a taste of HB wherever they are in their lives now.

However making a CD is a process as Janavi told me. The first step to making their creation is compiling all the songs and listening to them. There is also a lot to learn about packaging and advertising. It will be a learning experience about the business behind creating a CD and how it really works in the real world.  However, the Bravs are hopeful that it will all work out and maybe be able to make their dream a reality.

So stay tuned and hopefully soon enough we will be able to listen to the Bravs whenever we want besides concerts and school assemblies and be able to showcase our extremely talented group beyond the HB Community!