The Dangerous Bush

By: Jordan Doak

Walking towards the senior lot on my way into school, I looked left and… couldn’t look to the right. Directly in my line of vision, there was a bush several feet taller than me and so wide and thick that I couldn’t see any cars. I went to take a step closer to educational enrichment and almost got hit by a speeding BMW coming out past the buses from the traffic circle. I know for a fact that mine is not the only experience like this. During finals last year several friends and I left to get lunch, returned and parked, and then were faced with the precarious crossing caused by the bush. I watched as two of those friends stepped into what they supposed to be safe territory only to have their lives flash before their own eyes as a UPS truck barreled through, right where they had been about to step. There have been several such instances related to me by others, but I think that the point is clear. Not only does the lush bush prevent the pedestrian from being fully aware of the potential danger of their surroundings, but it prevents potential dangers from being aware the pedestrians. Having driven out from the front circle after being picked up a time or two, I am fully aware that as a driver, you also have no way of seeing if someone is waiting to cross on the other side of the bush. We as a school are fortunate to not have had any serious incidents because of this obstacle, but why should we wait as a community to fix the imminent danger posed by the bush? I think it’s clear that it would benefit both drivers and pedestrians to have the bush removed. That would allow greater visibility for the person crossing the street, as well as for the driver. Neither the pedestrian nor the driver wants to hit the other, and removing the bush would be a safe way to ensure that this fear never becomes a reality. I understand that the bush’s placement could be for aesthetic purposes, so I propose that an ornamental tree is put in its place. If the branches don’t start until higher up, it would allow plenty of visibility for the pedestrian and any drivers to see each other. It would also keep the outside of our school looking nice, and a beautiful tree may be more appealing than an overgrown bush to boot.