By Emma Bryan

When assigned this article, I was not really sure how to approach it, because I honestly knew nothing about Cum Laude. So, I began by asking people around me how they felt about Cum Laude. They responded with a chorus of, “I don’t have any idea how it works. At all.” and “I don’t know enough about it to comment.”  At that point, I was stuck. However, I received a response from Faith Griggs, a junior, that really resonated with me. She stated, “I kind of want to be one, but I don’t think I can get up to that level.”  In the end, I concluded that very few people know what Cum Laude is, let alone how to achieve its distinction. Therefore, I decided the best way to approach this article was to compile a list of ways to achieve Cum Laude. Here are the top ten.


  1. Learn what Cum Laude actually is. (Side bar, it’s a distinction that is given to the top twenty percent of the senior class before graduating based on cumulative weighted GPA.)
  2. Don’t purchase Netflix. It’s just not going to happen if you waste entire days watching Desperate Housewives or Say Yes to the Dress.
  3. Lunch is for quitters—you need that half hour to cram, not eat.
  4. If you consider leaving your house over the weekend, reconsider.
  5. Try to maintain some standard of personal hygiene. However, it might be slightly lower than the average, non-Cum Laude student.
  6. If you score less than a B+ on a given assessment, have a panic attack. In order to offset that in your semester average, you are going to need a perfect score on the next one.
  7. Exercise? What’s that?
  8. You were invited to social functions on WEEKDAYS? JUST SAY NO.
  9. As hard as it may be, try to not procrastinate. Work piles up and you will not do as well as you could have.
  10. Don’t actually freak out, as was suggested in number six. Because, if you stay calm, you’ll be able to maintain quasi sanity. Also, without mental breakdowns, we all perform better.
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