Where are our Fan Sections?

By Lexi Anderson

While Hathaway Brown is famous for its killer sports teams, it is also known for having a small to nonexistent cheering section. HB’s teams often arrive on the field to empty bleachers. The blazer field hockey fans are mostly parents. Nobody ever comes to swim team meets. The phrase “Shout out to Mr. Vogel, the only person who showed up at our game!” is often announced at morning meeting. What happened to sports attendance?

It seems the reason for HB’s obsolete cheering section is actually self-inflicted. The school’s large work load is the main prohibiting factor of game attendance. Students Sam Keum, Janavi Goldblum, and Sayble Bradley all reported that the reason they do not attend sports games is that they have too much homework. With hours of homework, after-school activities, and other extracurriculars, most students do not have the time to go to sports games. “I have after school activities, which prohibit me from attending [the games], but I wish I could!” comments Li Stebner. It appears that if HB cut down the work-load, it would relieve some pressure on time commitment for extracurriculars. While this is unlikely, it is a potential solution. Additionally, lack of transportation to and from the games is another factor. Grace Homany says “I’d go to more sports games if I had a ride to and from the game.” Keum agrees, stating “Sometimes [the games are] really far away…it’d be nice to have a bus or something like we do for states.”

Despite the lack of attendance, HB girls are still passionate about their sports teams. “I love the fact that HB is so devoted to sports. The teams are so enthusiastic and it makes it much more fun,” says Homany. Andreanna Hardy endorses HB sports as well, saying “I love going to HB sports events because we have a really fun student section.” Alexa Papanikolaou adds, “I feel  that going to sports events is a great way to support the school! More people should come and spread the spirit. I always try to make time to be there.” Whether through pep rallies, or even celebratory cake at lunch, HB sports teams should know that the school still stands strong behind them, even when they are not on the standing on the sidelines.