The Snow Day Process

By Sam Keum

Everyone knows that flushing ice cubes down the toilet, wearing your pajamas inside out, sleeping with a spoon under your pillow, using the “Snow Day Calculator”, and dancing around your room belting out a “Snow Day Chant” are some of the most common tactics used by students to help increase their chances of getting a Snow Day. However, do you ever wonder what actually determines a Snow Day at HB? Mrs. Sadler gladly offered up some of the vital details of this extremely important Snow Day process.

Mr. Christ (Head of School), Mr. Churchill (Maintenance Director), and Mr. Armstrong (Transportation Director) are the three main people in charge of assessing the conditions early that morning, consulting other CCIS schools, and making the final decision. However, when Mr. Christ is out of town, Mrs. Sadler (Associate Head of School) and Mrs. Hughes (Associate Head for Business) are put in charge of this decision.

Local circumstances such as dangerous road conditions (unsalted or unplowed roads) and building issues (power outages or water main break) are the main factors that determine Snow Days. The school is aware that some places may have conditions worse than others, so it’s very important that everyone makes careful decisions regarding the unsafe conditions. Ms. Sadler mentioned that, “All absences due to weather conditions in their area are excused”.

Thankfully for us, “there isn’t a limit” when it comes to giving out Snow Days! This is because, while public schools are required to be in session for 180 days and are given only five “calamity days” before they have to begin adding on extra days to the end of the year, independent schools have a different schedule. As some of you may have noticed, some independent schools, such as HB, have longer days than most public schools. By the end of a single week of school, we have an additional five hours of school; since “we have approximately an extra day every cycle”, by the end of the year, we have exceeded the state minimum for number of school days and can afford quite a few Snow Days!