The 10 Scariest Places at HB

By Amanda Keresztesy

1) The stairwell outside the library that could be a perfect set for a murder scene in a horror film

2) The dark room when it’s dark and everyone has minimum illumination in ORANGE lights.

3) The student center at 3:17 (Didn’t realize I had to fight for my life to get out of here?)

4) Middle school locker room. Because middle schoolers. and locker room.

5) The servery (I guess we’ll go with pizza and a salad again…)

6) Room C250 and its keeper

7) The mannequin named SCARY ANNIE in the middle school office. I mean her name is  literally SCARY.

8) THE BASEMENT. There are chainsaws down there in the invention lab

9) The men’s bathroom. Never been in there but it’s probably haunting

10) The math wing