CLUBS: an Acronym

By Caroline Jobson

Continuously a source of baked goods, clubs pride themselves in boasting a wide array of treats, eager to attract those who painfully read the entirety of frantic emails.

Luckily, clubs have yet to be ignored, as they hold lunch meetings offering unique opportunities ranging from the heated discussions in Young Politicians, the flipping of crêpes in the French Club, to the graphical representations of behavioral finance in Savvy Investors.

Undeniably the most frequent senders of emails, clubs are categorized as essential, established, or emerging in newness. Clubs undergo an application process in which leaders indicate purpose as well as plan.

Before clubs receive admission to the realm of student-led affairs, Senate aids faculty in reviewing all applications, providing “a link between students and administrators on matters regarding club activities and oversight” [HB club application].

Swiftly, the list of admitted clubs is publicized, allowing all leaders to quickly delve into their passions, reflecting diverse interests and talents.