Attention Upper Schoolers: Visiting Me Won’t Kale You!

By HB Community Garden

I know it has been a while since you have heard from me, and only a few of you came to visit me during my growing season, but I have had a fabulous spring, summer, and fall. I produced a record number of veggies this year and had lots of EC, prime, and middle school visitors to entertain me, yet I was only visited by maybe 10 of the almost 400 upper schoolers. Now, as I lay mostly empty, I gaze up at the bleak grey sky, and ask myself, ‘Why does the Upper School hate me?’ Are you for some reason offended by the precious flowers that line my fence? Or maybe the giant beet I produced this year terrified you? You claim you cannot help care for me because of your homework, but I know you watch several episodes of your favorite tv shows each day before homework. Let me give you a bit of advice, upper schoolers, tv is fake, its not living, its not real, even if it claims to be reality tv. I, on the other hand, am real. I need YOUR care and love in order to survive and flourish. So, when spring comes, I want you to think before you delete am email or ignore an announcement asking for help caring for me. Even now, come visit me. Although it is winter and most gardens lie barren in winter, keeping with the HB motto, I am ‘like no other’ and currently growing a fresh spinach crop. As another incentive to visit me, remember that I see everything from bad park jobs to unfortunate outfits to girl fights and everything in between from my perch, so I can definitely fill you in on all the latest gossip when you come visit. Also, follow me on Instagram so you can always stay updated on my daily life @hbcommgarden.