Save the Pumpkins

By Alley Keresztesy

Every year, over 1.5 billion pumpkins are grown and sold in the United States. Many of these pumpkins are inevitably sold in the month of October and slaughtered for decoration and enjoyment. Not only are most pumpkins massacred for ‘fun’, but clans of demos gather for annual pumpkin smashes. These criminals steal purchased pumpkins from families in the area, giving the pumpkins false hope that they are saved from the fate of being carved and hewed. During the pumpkin smash, pumpkins are flung with catapults for height, distance, and splat. I consider this ending more unexpected and horrific than the typical Halloween carving. Even if these poor vegetables make it through the holiday, they soon rot and are thrown out from millions of houses. If those of you with souls want to help us save these innocent pieces of produce, you can join the STPC, or Save the Pumpkins Campaign. For just thirty-two cents a day, you can help the tortured, abused veggies of our world. To donate money or sign up for our program, call 1-800-VEG-GIES. Have a heart, save a squash.