KP & His Prime Students

By Sue Roy

SHAKER HEIGHTS- Kevin Purpura, Upper School History teacher at Hathaway Brown and fondly referred to as “KP”, tearfully tells me that he has finally fulfilled his dream of teaching children at the prime. As he clears his throat and takes a breath, he tells me of how he walked into the classroom and told the children that “those who were here for their parents should kindly step out.” Their reactions were priceless, he tells me, and laughs as he recalls a little girl shrieking in fear as he entered the room. When they asked for play-time, he simply stated, “Patience, my child.” He sips water from his mug as he composes himself and tells me of how proud he was of the progress of his students as he walked out of the classroom. He boasts about how polite and well-behaved the children became, having taught them to bow their heads before him and say ‘yes, sir’ to his every command. Before I leave him to his emotions, he says, “I wish I could teach younger kids more often! They provide such a break from the older girls!”