Your Handwrting Speaks for Itself

By Sue Roy

Your scribbles on the back cover of your math notebook can express a lot about your personality. Cue graphology, or handwriting analysis, which analyzes the type, size, and other elements of your print. The stereotypical “HB Handwriting”, is described as pretty, blockish, typewriter print. But as HB would preach, there are a thousand ways to write the letter “a”. An investigation of the handwriting of HB was in order. I collected writing samples of students in the student center, ranging in both grade and activity.  The girls were asked to write our school motto in their normal handwriting. Not only were the letters and words shaped differently for each girl, but there was also variation between the actual mottos.

I compiled the writing samples onto one page and searched for a correlation between extracurriculars and lettering. Their extracurricular activities (included debate, SREP, swimming etc.) didn’t seem to show a particular pattern so I switched to specifics of their writing style.

First, I looked at the slant of their letters. I found that a straight type suggests that the person is logical and practical.  Graphology implies that straight up and down writers are more guarded with their emotions. If you slant your letters to the right, you are predisposed to be more open-mind. The Right-Slanters like to socialize. Lefty-Slanters prefer their own company. They can be often discovered behind the scenes. Right handed, Lefty-Slanters are usually more rebellious.

After looking at the slant, I then looked at size of the type as well. The samples varied in size and form. According to graphology, big letters mean an equally large personality. Smaller letters tell the world you are focused and introspective. Average sized letters show a well-adjusted and adaptable person.

Who knew that your handwriting could express so much about you? Check out your handwriting and see if graphology is accurate or not. Better yet, have a friend check your handwriting out and see if your personality is reflected in your style.