DIY – October

DIY - October

By Fallon Gallagher

The CLE weather is once again fluctuating wildly: temperatures peaked past record highs just a few weeks ago, but there are also trace amounts of frost on my car in the mornings. This DIY project reflects the presence of both the summer and autumn seasons bundled together in one trendy centerpiece.

o Clean 8- to 12-inch diameter pumpkin with a concave top without a stem or with the stem previously removed (feel free to experiment with multicolored pumpkins)
o Sphagnum moss (sold in bags at all craft stores)
o Elmer’s Craft Bond spray adhesive
o Hot glue gun
o Assortment of small succulents in varying colors and textures
o Scissors
o Assortment of dry berries, nuts, and woody seedpods

1. Coat the pumpkin’s bowl shaped top with spray glue.
2. Press ½ inch thick bed of dry moss onto the glue.
3. Using the hot glue gun, add the succulents on top of the moss, beginning with the largest towards the center and work with the smaller ones as you move outward.
4. As you add more cuttings and dry items, aim for good balance and variety. There should be a luscious look with no moss showing.
5. Using scissors, trim excess moss.

Care: spritz succulents, not pumpkin, with water once or twice a week. Keep in a cool dry environment.