By Li Stebner

You’re having one of those HB days. You have lacrosse until nine-thirty and get home at ten, only to find that your three-page history essay must be stapled to its rough draft and turned in by eight the next morning in the box.

You haven’t even started.

You know those ten diet cokes and three monsters in the fridge are not going to be around when your work is done, because you need all the caffeine you can get.

But do you really need them?

I bet you’ve never known that caffeine works in smaller amounts! That is right: you might only need one of those red bulls to get that paper finished. Why? According to WebMD, the more you have of a certain substance, the more your body gets used to it. Too much caffeine can cause negative symptoms such as muscle twitches, sleep disturbances, and heart palpitations.

After staying up all night to finish that paper, you know you can’t even get on the bus in the morning without your cup of Joe. You’ve become addicted to caffeine, right? WRONG! According to CNN caffeine is actually not addictive. You may be addicted to the taste of your drink in the morning or the warm sensation of a good Starbucks, but the caffeine itself is not addictive. The headache that you may receive from not having your tea or coke is just a side-effect of not having a relaxer in your system to make the blood vessels in your brain expand more. Don’t worry—an Advil will clear that up right away.

So if you didn’t do so hot on that test or maybe you weren’t the best at that lacrosse game yesterday, you could try some coffee to help improve your alertness. Coffee has three times more caffeine then cola or tea, and caffeine has been found to
increase your ability to stay focused and get you ready to reach your goals! So while you enjoy you cup of Joe, remember that just one cup would be more effective than three. Everything is fine in moderation!