Sophomore Expectations

By Aarathi Sahadevan

Congratulations Class of 2016! After learning the ropes of the upper school, experimenting with our interests, and being teased by upperclassmen (all in jest, of course), we have finally moved up from the bottom of the food chain. Now, we just have to make it through sophomore year and we will be on our way to being the almighty overlords of the school (benevolent almighty overlords, of course). “Sophomore year is your first real year of Upper School.” says Junior Sam Keum. As a sophomore myself, I expect this year to be a mix of testing the water and jumping right in. During freshmen year, we were all encouraged to do whatever interested us in terms of electives, but we were limited in class selection. This year, everyone was able to make her own decisions and decide what she wanted to focus on and where she wanted to grow. With this choice, each one of us has the ability to explore our interests, whether it be for a class, an extra-curricular, or a sport. I think that it is the last year that we can really experiment while laying a sturdy foundation.

Lastly, I expect sophomore year to be when I master the ways of the upper school. I hope to be able to understand the expectations and meet them, manage my time better, handle a reasonably involved social life, and get to know my classmates and teachers better.