Pool Update

By Sunny Roy

Sunny Roy


Most of HB is perplexed about why the pool has been empty since the first day of school. According to Ms. Vayo, Director of Aquatic Programming at HB, the pool has experienced a plaster failure which causes the plaster to remove itself from the concrete underneath. If they had not undergone these repairs now, they would have had bigger problems in the future.

The expected completion date for pool repairs is October 15th. Prior to use, the pool needs to be filled, and then filtered for a few days before chemicals can be added. It takes, according to Ms. Vayo, approximately 7-10 days after filling the pool back up to ensure that the pool is up to the State of Ohio Pool Code Standards. Since the HB pool is 5,580 square feet and holds 282,296 gallons of water, this process will certainly take some time! HB contracted High Tech Pools to complete the repairs and their team was here for almost 2 weeks working 10 hours a day to fix the pool!

Due to the repairs, the Prime won’t be swimming till the pool opens, nor will anyone else. Instead, the middle schoolers have been very flexible and are being certified as babysitters with a CPR and First Aid certificate. Additionally, the 8th graders have been completing a Pilates and Fitness course with Mrs. Ahrens. All of the developmental programs, such as Learn to Swim, Diving, and H2O Club, have been cancelled for the fall session. Middle school and high school swimming, luckily, does not start until October 28 and November 1, respectively, so the administration had time to prepare for those programs.