Junior Expectations

As a junior, there’s one easy answer to the question, “What do you expect this year?” Stress. We are about to embark on our hardest year of high school, at one of the most challenging school in the country. One thing I continually remind myself is that people survive; the current seniors have made it through their junior year. We’ll be encountering the beginning of the college process, striving for national merit scholarships, and taking our very first SATs and ACTs. It’s scary.

A question I’ve been asking myself all summer is, “When did we get so old?” True, we’re only sixteen and seventeen, but our independence feels like it’s at an all-time high. The trick to this year is going to be learning to manage our time even better than before, and through all of the challenges and commitments this year, remember to make time for ourselves. If we remember this simple piece of advice that we’ve heard a million times since freshman year, it’s going to be an incredible year.