For the past four years or so HB has been ordering the Upper School’s class gear from a company called RDP Sports in Twinsburg, OH. However, trying to get all the class gear to arrive before the Upper School transforms into a 100 degree sauna has always been a struggle. So what takes the class gear so long to get here? Julie Lozon offered to share some of her insights on this ongoing mystery.

Who’s to blame?: Ourselves! First off, we have really bad timing. There are a lot or orders in the beginning of the year from other schools around Ohio since it’s the start of the sports seasons for many teams, and other schools also would like to have some sweatshirts or sweatpants to wear in the winter. It’s an overload for the company which is why it takes so long to manufacture. Secondly, the process takes an extremely long time, especially when there is an embroidered pattern on the clothing, which is on the great majority of the clothing we order from RPD.  

What’s the process?: HB first has to send the RPD people the design for the class gear, and from there, they send it to their manufacturing department to make the design on their computers. After this the manufacturing company sends the digital design back to RPD Sports who then sends it back to HB for our approval. Finally, after HB approves of the design, HB sends it back to RPD Sports, and they can finally start making the class gear. It’s a very laborious process!

Do the seniors get priority?: No! Whatever has the simplest design and no embroidery usually gets here the fastest. It just so happened that this year the seniors had much simpler designs which is why it came the fastest. 

Sam Keum

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