Summer for HB girls means relaxing, tanning, and sleeping, right? Wrong! In the summertime, HB is filled with activity, from the three year olds at HBBH to Upper School students taking summer classes.

For Upper School students, summer classes are offered in Physics, Chemistry, US History, Chinese, French, Writing Skills, Filmmaking, Photography, Art, and Gym.

On June 17, the Hathaway Brown Theater Institute will make its debut. There will be familiar faces from the HB faculty as well as theater experts from the outside community leading the program. The HB Theater Institute is open to both boys and girls from first graders to college students.

For middle schoolers, a wide variety of classes and camps are also offered. The Superstart camps provide an outlet for those students who can’t wait to get back to school. They evoke gentle reminders of school life and learning without being overwhelming (sessions last only about an hour and a half). Many other camps are offered for both middle school girls and boys in cooking, language immersion, filmmaking, archaeology, robotics, and even cake decorating.

Finally, sports camps are offered for HB students in grades 3-8 and there are specific pre-seasons for Upper School students. Swimming lessons will additionally be offered for students in grades K-8.

If these HB attractions don’t entice you, you could just hang around Shaker this summer in hopes of catching a glimpse of Jennifer Garner and family – I know I will. 

Emily Amjad

Posted by:hbinretrospect

Reporting not for school, but for life.

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