Inked is a writing competition held here at HB, and is run entirely by students! It was the brainchild of Brady Furlich and Bridget Babcox, who cooperated with many faculty advisors of the English Department. Through the hard work of Bridget and Brady, Inked was a huge success. This year it was held on Saturday the 11th, with many HB participants and winners.

1. How did you get the idea for Inked?

Brady: Bridget and I both did Power of the Pen in Middle School, and wanted to see the same thing happen in a high school environment. When we found out that there wasn’t a similar competition, we took the manner into our own hands.



2. Where did you start, who helped you start?

Brady: We’ve talked to nearly all of the English Department at HB, and our three advisors are Ms. Armstrong, Mr. Parsons, and Mrs. Mueller. We can’t thank them enough!

3. What were your goals when you first started out? 

Brady: We could have probably had a competition the week after we came up with the idea -that’s how excited we were/are! We just wanted to generate a lot of interest and hope for the best.


4. What has been the best part of the entire process of creating Inked?

Brady: Getting to meet a lot of people who love what we’ve done – other students, teachers (not just at HB), authors, editors, and all kinds of people who are so excited and supportive of us.


5. Why would you say Inked is so awesome?

Brady: Well, there are too many reasons for us to talk about now – you’ll just have to participate to see! But probably the food, the prompts, and the feedback (not in that order, of course)!


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