Dear Ms. Mann, Mr. Verbos, Mr. Dubow, and Mr. Henry,

 As the school year comes to a close, we are being forced to face the reality that we are losing some of our most beloved teachers. All of HB’s teachers are incredibly caring and inspiring, excelling in their capacity to leave a lasting imprint on the lives of HB students. You all have been no different. You have been able to transform the ways in which we approach both our endeavors within the realm of our English classes as well as in the world and our lives. We have nothing but thanks to give for the ways you have all helped us with editing papers, understanding a difficult text, or grasping concepts. Ms. Mann you are one of funniest and most relatable teachers at HB and you will truly be greatly missed by all of your students, Mr. Verbos your introduction of philosophy into the HB community has shaped the way many of us have started to think about issues facing modern society, Mr. Dubow the way you have been able to open our minds to the intricacies of modern media literacy has been astounding, and finally, Mr. Henry your humor in all situations and your teaching style will be missed by students and faculty alike. The entire HB Upper School student body is extremely sad to be losing such amazing members of the faculty. You have all inspired and assisted us in countless and invaluable ways, which have shaped both our academic careers and lives. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on the next stage of your lives post-HB. Thank you again, Ms. Mann, Mr. Verbos, Mr. Dubow, and Mr. Henry for your devotion to the HB community. You will all be greatly missed!

Together for Good,

The HB Upper School Student Body


Final Thoughts from Mr. Dubow and Mr. Verbos to the HB community:

 “HB is one big memory for me. My daughters learned to run on the atrium floor. I made some wonderful friends and met my work wife here. I read countless essays and stories in the Writing Center. I got teary a thousand times when a girl triumphed or let me help her through a tragedy. It’s been a wonderful place to spend 11 years, and I can only hope that my new school approaches all that HB is and will forever be. I’ll miss it terribly.” –Mr. Dubow (on what his best HB memory is)

 “To teach is to believe in delayed gratification. Sure, there are great moments in the moment, good stories, good friends, good classes, but the real legacy of teaching is when your name disappears in someone’s mind but the existence that you shaped for her lingers. I suppose I want some of that. I also hope that HB keeps up with media literacy!” –Mr. Dubow (on HB legacies)

 “I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking of HB. It’s been one of the formative experiences of my adult life. I’ve met some of my favorite people here – many of whom were the girls I taught or hung out with in the Writing Center. I don’t ever plan to stop thinking about them. I suppose, though, I can draw a final conclusion, which is that HB has done for me what I’ve always hoped it would do to the students, which is that it transformed me. It helped me be the best version of myself.” –Mr. Dubow (on his HB experience)

“The students are wonderful and they don’t realize how awesome they are.” –Mr. Verbos (on the HB student body) 

Lexi Anderson

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